Poor Farmers Swap Fair-Trade Premiums For Ownership Of Their Own Global Companies

Fair trade might be good. But owning your own supply chain is even better. For small farmers with a patch of forest, new ventures are growing that give them a stake in international markets and a conservation mission. » Read more

Runa: Innovative solutions for forest conservation

There is a common trade-off that many agriculture-based communities face in today’s globalized world, stemming from a desire to preserve their cultural heritage and environment, while at the same time having to earn immediate cash and compete with fast-paced production systems. Runa, the winner of the WWF Switzerland Tropical Forest Challenge has a unique business model that addresses this trade off. » Read more

The Social Entrepreneur, Devin Thorpe talks to Planting Empowerment & Ennovent

Devin Thorpe who authors The Social Entrepreneur blog on Forbes.com talks to WWF Switzerland Tropical Forest Challenge winner, Planting Empowerment and Ennovent about Impact Investing and what makes Planting Empowerment’s model innovative. » Read more

Profiling the best for-profit solutions addressing tropical forest conservation

Managed by Ennovent, an accelerator for innovations of sustainability in low-income markets this Challenge enabled the discovery of more than 77 sustainable businesses taking innovative approaches to address the issue of tropical forest conservation » Read more

World Wildlife Fund Switzerland supports startups in the forest

In December, the World Wildlife Fund Switzerland teamed with Ennovent, a supporter of sustainable innovation, to present the Tropical Forest Challenge. Here is a quick snapshot of the winners in their interview on dowser.org » Read more

Ennovent announces the winners of the WWF Switzerland Tropical Forest Challenge

Ennovent and WWF Switzerland are pleased to announce the winners of the Tropical Forest Challenge. The winners are endorsed by WWF Switzerland as best solution providers and are awarded global visibility, networking and capacity building opportunities. » Read more

WWF Switzerland Tropical Forest Challenge winners to be announced December 17!

WWF Switzerland and Ennovent will be announcing the winners and finalists of the Tropical Forest Challenge on December 17th, 2012! » Read more

Transporting Change: How Coir Atlas is changing the way India Moves

Himanshu Sheth’s efforts are sustainably preserving Indian forests and providing livelihood to rural women » Read more

A bold design for conservation

Andean Collection is a great example on how opportunities from seemingly isolated situations can contribute to uplift local communities, create a profitable venture and also scale to address the a global issue like deforestation. » Read more

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