Technology and the Critical needs of today

Ennovent Pool member Dr Rohit Shipstone analysis innovation as the application of technology to solve social or business problems. » Read more

Leveraging technology for social business

Ennovent Pool member Rohit Shipstone writes about making use of technology as a business model to address issues in the sectors of education, health and energy. » Read more

In praise of open-source innovation

Everyone is talking about India’s sharp critique of the global patents regime at the WTO TRIPS Council meeting in mid-June. It was a well-argued and forceful presentation that made a strong case for open-source innovation and slammed the mania for intellectual property rights as end in itself. » Read more

Ennovent Weekly Roundup 16.08.13

This week on our round-up, we feature two entrepreneurs – one who has improved the lives of many in Uttarakhand, and the second who is giving more power to those at the BoP – this and other stories. Don’t miss » Read more

WaterWalla: Making clean water a profitable enterprise for slum dwellers

“This [water] crisis claims more lives through disease than any war claims through guns.” – United Nations Human Development Report, 2006 » Read more

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