Essentials of Mentorship for Social Entrepreneurs

Ennovent Pool member JP Singh analyses the differences and parallels between a mentor and a coach and stresses the importance of evaluation and selection of the same. » Read more

A Social Entrepreneur – Who, What & How

Ennovent Pool member Rohit Shipstone writes about social entrepreneurs and how they are different to ‘traditional’ entrepreneurs. He observes as to what drives them and lists the key techniques needed for success. » Read more

Weekly Roundup: 07.11.2014

In this week’s roundup we provide an analysis to the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan campaign, present current CSR trends and reveal India’s social entrepreneur of 2014. » Read more

Nasscom awards: Technology for social good

A smartphone app to keep women safe, a virtual call to track implementation of mid-day meals, a mobile-based crop estimation app — this year’s Nasscom awards demonstrate that technology can be used to tackle social and environmental issues » Read more

Democratizing Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship amongst Indian Youth

Yashveer Singh, Founder – NSEF in an interview with ennovent, highlights the importance of promoting social entrepreneurship in academic institutions, the need to support young social innovators & entrepreneurs and their ‘Author’s of Change’ program. » Read more

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