Scaling up: Balancing the fine line between purpose and profits

What truly defines the success of an entrepreneurship event is when speakers openly pour their hearts out and Ennovent’s second Thought Leader Session on ‘Scaling Up: Balancing Purpose and Profits’ was the perfect example of this. Read what happened at the event here. » Read more

Strategies for doing business in rural India

India’s fast-paced growth has been a topic of much debate and discussion in the last few years. However, only 12% of India’s population lives in cities, the remaining 88% of people are not reaping many of the economic benefits from the country’s evolving leadership status and associated growth. Businesses therefore need strategies on how to succeed in Rural India. » Read more

eGramServe: Rural BPO providing jobs to Uttarakhand youth

A rural BPO is a great model for a social enterprise which fully utilizes human capital while promoting development and keeping costs low. Here is how eGramServe is doing it » Read more

Using street vendors to improve children’s health: An innovative solution to malnutrition

In the urban slums of Jakarta, young kids are getting enriched, healthy nutrition from an unusual place: franchised healthy food carts of KeBAL » Read more

Impact investing must be hard-headed

To do any good, investments must be profitable » Read more

Ideas man: professor in quest for India’s rural inventions

“If you have any new ideas or new inventions, I’m here to promote you”. Meet Prof. Anil Gupta – the man whose life mission is finding hidden innovations from rural India. » Read more

A Marketplace for Affordable Private Schools

Low-cost private schools are emerging as an alternative to government schools. Enterprising Schools is creating a marketplace of affordable solutions. India Director of Gray Matters Capital, Pradeep Sharma, tells us how. » Read more

Interview with Digbijoy – Director Services at Ennovent

We are happy to have Digbijoy Shukla as our Director, Services. Learn from him about the challenges faced while trying to create an impact at BoP, and his aspirations as part of the ennovent team. » Read more

Healthcare information for all: mDhil

mDhil’s CEO, Nandu Madhava, envisions a healthier India by making basic healthcare information accessible to all. He says “There are two parts to that word ‘social’ and ‘entrepreneur’. In an interview, Nandu shares his journey. » Read more

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