Ennovent Impact Investment Holding invests in Karma Healthcare

This investment in Karma is the ninth investment facilitated by the Ennovent Circle – an exclusive group that collaborates to accelerate innovations for low-income markets. » Read more

Weekly Roundup: Celebrating World Toilet Day, with a cake!

In this week’s roundup we focus exclusively on World Toilet Day and the measures taken in India and across the world to raise awareness of the need for clean sanitation. » Read more

Sustainable Impact of “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”

Adarsh Kataruka writes about the clean India drive and the efforts taken towards creating sustained impact through CSR activities in the sanitation space. » Read more

Weekly Roundup: 01:11:2014

Among this week’s top stories we look at how India’s poorest are getting access to low-cost healthcare, the role of FMCG products in the BoP market and what is affecting the impact investing sector. » Read more

Category: General

A grocer’s son who is now working on a low-cost HIV detection device

Sultan Khetani could not afford to pay his school fees. Today, he is part of a Harvard team which has developed a technology to detect the HIV virus at diagnose stage. » Read more

Category: General

Why India’s sanitation crisis needs more than toilets

The sanitation situation is so bad that open defecation is more common in India than in that are poorer countries such as Bangladesh, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Burundi and Rwanda. » Read more

Weekly Roundup: 26.10.2014

Among this week’s top stories, we look at innovations in the healthcare sector in India, ventures for social causes and whether the nature of charity is changing. » Read more

Engaging with the BoP in Kenya

Makit, a Denmark-based startup, aims to tackle the taboo of menstruation in Eastern Africa. With the launch of the Ruby Cup – made of 100% silicone that is reusable for 10 years – in Kenya, the enterprise aims to be a market leader in sustainable menstrual hygiene products. » Read more

Where Has All the Money for Fighting Tuberculosis Gone?

As a disease, TB is terrifying. According to the WHO, it is the biggest infectious-disease killer, taking more lives than AIDS, cholera and other pandemics combined. Huge amounts of funds have been poured into a bottomless pit to cure TB. But, where has all the money gone enquires Dr. Shelly Batra, Founder of Operation ASHA. » Read more

One-man mission to make eye care accessible in Assam with ERC Eye Care

Parveez is the founder of ERC Eye Care, a social enterprise on a mission to provide affordable eye care to one and all in Assam, primarily to the underserved people. In December 2013, ERC Eye Care received investment from Ennovent Impact Investment Holding and other investors and today he has set up three vision centres in Assam and operates a team of 22 members. » Read more

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