Verizon to launch a $10M social innovation competition

The competition is open to U.S.-based companies, entrepreneurs, and individuals. There will be prizes of various amounts awarded which total $10 million. » Read more

TISS to fund, mentor entrepreneurship students

The institute has introduced a scheme this year to fund and mentor students pursuing masters in social entrepreneurship for three years. » Read more

‘You must embrace the mindset that you can create opportunities’

Saul Garlick, the founder of ThinkImpact, talks to students about the mindset they need to embrace when deciding to create opportunity with social entrepreneurship. » Read more

Social Entrepreneurship Conferences 101: The Where and What

Get details about the 2012-13 conferences that will give you opportunities to foster collaboration » Read more

Sun is King: Greenlight Planet

Greenlight Planet has lit up over 100,000 villagers lives in rural India with their solar light. In a conversation with the founder, Mayank Sekhsaria, we find out the built their business from village to village, and the road ahead. » Read more

Ennovent appoints Tripat Preet Singh as Managing Director

ennovent has appointed Tripat Preet Singh as Managing Director to manage its Sustainable Enterprise Fund. Tripat has 14 years of experience in founding, funding and supporting early stage businesses. » Read more

Sustainable and Cheap Energy For the Bottom of the Pyramid in India

India, one of the fastest growing and largest economies in the world is facing a huge challenge in terms of proper and adequate infrastructure. One of the major parts of which is “energy”. The lack of cheap and reliable energy is hampering its industrial growth and economic progress. Setting up new power plants is inevitable, but it comes attached with another burden and dependency on highly scarce natural resources. » Read more

The ennovent Global Energy Challenge – Looking for Sustainable Innovations for the BoP in India

With a mission to promote entrepreneurs who advance innovations for sustainability at the base of the economic pyramid. Building on our broad expertise and leveraging our network, we discover, incubate, finance and scale innovations that catalyze fundamental change to sustainable development. » Read more

Leila Karnik: on the Bottom Of The Pyramid in Emerging Economies and ennovent’s approach

An experienced professional, Leila has been one of the Co-founding members of the team which initiated one of India’s largest entrepreneurial communities, NEN. Being a Network Director with ennovent! “What I like about ennovent is, though it is still about start-ups, but at the same time, we are looking at having a real impact not only financially but at the social level as well. » Read more

Peter Scheuch Shares his Passion for the Bottom Of The Pyramid and the ennovent Energy Challenge

I have worked for more than 10 years for international development and environmental organizations in developing countries and always wanted to increase the financial sustainability of my work. Said Peter Scheuch, Founder and Managing Director, ennovent, as I asked him, about his passion for the BoP and what prompted him towards establishing ennovent – innovations for sustainability. » Read more

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