Ennovent’s Impact Investment Holding invests in Anant Learning

Ennovent Impact Investment Holding and Upaya Social Ventures invest in Anant Learning & Development through the Ennovent Circle. » Read more

Reminiscing about the Ennovent Team Retreat

In November 2014, the Ennovent team travelled to Jim Corbett National Park for the annual team retreat. Team member Aparna Bhat shares her experiences of this trip and why she is excited to be a part of Ennovent. » Read more

Working at Ennovent: witnessing grassroots impact in Cambodia

In this new monthly series on the blog, we connect with various Ennovent team members and share why they like working at Ennovent. In this post our Associate – Finance, Jayanth shares how he got the opportunity to witness impact at the grass-roots during his visit to Cambodia. » Read more

Looking back: Ennovent’s retreat to Nepal

In November 2013, the Ennovent team travelled to Nepal for the annual team retreat. Our latest team addition, Anupriya Kohli shares her experiences of this trip and why she is excited to be a part of Ennovent. » Read more

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Power to Empower 2013 Challenge – A search for skill development solutions for India

Announcing the launch of Power to Empower 2013 – a skills development challenge aiming to identify, select and reward the best solutions bridging the gap between the supply and demand of skilled labour in India. » Read more

Ennovent Network now 5000+ members strong

This week, the Ennovent Network became a 5000 member strong community with more than 350 companies, 1900 entrepreneurs and 400 investors spanning 200 countries. Nevertheless, a community is only as valuable as its members. We therefore take a moment to reflect and learn how the Ennovent Network has been helping our members in recent times. » Read more

Ennovent’s team doubles its size in less than a year!

In the past year, Ennovent has grown to a team of 14. Learn more about our newest Associates to join the team and their experience at Ennovent so far. » Read more

SOCAP13 wants your ideas

SOCAP, the world’s mainstay conference on impact investing is seeking the ideas for sessions that the community would like to see at SOCAP13. Vote for Ennovent to be a panelist at the conference or submit your own idea as well. Votes and entries open until June 17th. » Read more

Sustainable Entrepreneur Peter Scheuch’s Advice to young professionals: You can do it!

In this interview, Peter Scheuch talks about what keeps him going and why young professionals should follow their heart. » Read more

Innovation: Reflections on India

India is proving to be a hub of innovation, more poised than ever to meet the needs of those in living in low-income markets. Not surprisingly, some of the most unique innovators are often found in households of the same underserved communities where a new idea may have the greatest impact » Read more

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