“Never waste a good crisis”

Responsible finance centers on client protection and market conduct, and has been extended in recent years to include many other good corporate citizenship issues such as employee management, governance, and social performance monitoring. » Read more

How to build sustainable homes without spending a penny

From Earthships to underground houses, The Moneyless Man says building low-impact housing for free is theoretically possible. » Read more

Weekly Roundup: Celebrating World Toilet Day, with a cake!

In this week’s roundup we focus exclusively on World Toilet Day and the measures taken in India and across the world to raise awareness of the need for clean sanitation. » Read more

‘Pay-As-You-Go’ solar companies win National Geographic Terra Watt prize

Just as solar leasing from the likes of SolarCity unlocked the solar market in the U.S., pay as you go solar providers are unlocking solar power for the masses worldwide. » Read more

Weekly Roundup: 14.02.14

Among the top stories this week, we feature a story about a 26 year old and her attempt to reduce world poverty through CCT and three other interesting stories. » Read more

Eight defining milestones in India’s social enterprise landscape

In India, socially focused ventures that provide innovations for low-income markets and create opportunities for a better lifestyle have made significant progress in fighting the battle for poverty – especially since India got independence from colonial rule in 1947. As India celebrates its 67th year of freedom it seems poignant to therefore pause and reflect on eight milestones that have played an important role in shaping India’s social enterprise landscape and the lessons they teach us. » Read more

As a startup social enterprise, when is the right time to invest in technology?

If you are a startup who is toying with the idea of making a big investment in technology, here are some great insights for guidance. » Read more

164 social ventures take part in the first edition of Tata Social Enterprise Challenge – Greenway Grameen emerges winner

Innovations we love: The Greenway Smart Stove – Made user-desirable, this high-efficiency cook stove is designed for everyday domestic use with solid biomass fuels – is also the winner of this year’s Tata Social Enterprise Challenge » Read more

10 upcoming female social entrepreneurs of India

With social entrepreneurship exploding in popularity all over the world, here is a quick glance on the women leading from India » Read more

Entrepreneurs: Apply for a scholarship to the Sankalp Unconvention Summit 2013

Entrepreneurs with innovations for sustainability in low-income markets have the opportunity to attend the Sankalp Unconvention Summit free of cost. » Read more

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