Ennovent Impact Investment Holding invests in Karma Healthcare

This investment in Karma is the ninth investment facilitated by the Ennovent Circle – an exclusive group that collaborates to accelerate innovations for low-income markets. » Read more

An Electronic Supply chain of Medical products in Rural India

Ennovent Pool member Dr. Rohit Shipstone debates whether an E-Medicine platform would work in rural areas and what social purpose and benefit would it serve. » Read more

Leveraging technology for social business

Ennovent Pool member Rohit Shipstone writes about making use of technology as a business model to address issues in the sectors of education, health and energy. » Read more

Weekly Roundup: Celebrating World Toilet Day, with a cake!

In this week’s roundup we focus exclusively on World Toilet Day and the measures taken in India and across the world to raise awareness of the need for clean sanitation. » Read more

Engaging with the BoP in Kenya

Makit, a Denmark-based startup, aims to tackle the taboo of menstruation in Eastern Africa. With the launch of the Ruby Cup – made of 100% silicone that is reusable for 10 years – in Kenya, the enterprise aims to be a market leader in sustainable menstrual hygiene products. » Read more

Where Has All the Money for Fighting Tuberculosis Gone?

As a disease, TB is terrifying. According to the WHO, it is the biggest infectious-disease killer, taking more lives than AIDS, cholera and other pandemics combined. Huge amounts of funds have been poured into a bottomless pit to cure TB. But, where has all the money gone enquires Dr. Shelly Batra, Founder of Operation ASHA. » Read more

SevaMob launches Seva 360, a unique health exchange platform

Seva Mob, an Artha Venture Challenge finalist today announced the launch of Seva360, an innovative health exchange that enables patients to find, connect with and use tele-health or in-clinic services from participating health providers. » Read more

Assam based ERC Eye Care closes angel round through the Ennovent Impact Investment Holding and others

Ennovent Impact Investment Holding and Ankur Capital along with Ennovent Circle members, Beyond Capital Fund and Sadeesh Raghavan closed an angel investment round in Assam-based eye care company, ERC Eye Care Pvt. Ltd (ERC) today » Read more

From diamonds to bio-loos – the story of Namita Banka of Banka BioLoo

From a diamond jewelry designer to becoming the co-founder of a bio-loo manufacturing company, Namita Banka of Banka BioLoo’s journey is an unusual one. Namita is an Ennovent Network member, a finalist for the Artha Venture Challenge and also the Asia-Pacific Laureate for Cartier’s 2013 Women’s Initiative. » Read more

ClikJaundice: Using mobile technology to empower parents in jaundice detection

Chromatic Mobile Health Technologies Pvt Ltd (CMHT), a high tech startup is aiming to change the current poor reality of jaundice detection in India through their new technology product entitled ‘ClikJaundice’. Developed by Dr. H.M. Shabeer, an Ennovent Network member in partnership with the University of Liverpool in the United Kingdom, ‘ClikJaundice’ is a mobile phone based jaundice monitoring technology that is currently in the process of being patented. » Read more

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