Poisoned chickens crack clean energy glass ceiling in Kenya

Lydia Waithera was looking for ways to keep her birds alive through the cold nights. By burning briquettes, she is now one of the few women playing a key role in Kenya’s renewable energy sector. » Read more

Leveraging technology for social business

Ennovent Pool member Rohit Shipstone writes about making use of technology as a business model to address issues in the sectors of education, health and energy. » Read more

‘Pay-As-You-Go’ solar companies win National Geographic Terra Watt prize

Just as solar leasing from the likes of SolarCity unlocked the solar market in the U.S., pay as you go solar providers are unlocking solar power for the masses worldwide. » Read more

Why Energy Poverty is still an issue in low-income markets

The simple act of flipping on a light switch is something many people take for granted. It actually takes a complicated infrastructure of plants, lines, substations and grids to ensure your lights stay on. While this infrastructure is something that’s worked in developed countries for 100+ years, it continues to be lacking in many parts of developing countries. » Read more

Frontier Markets provides solar lighting to India’s poorest communities

In sun-drenched Rajasthan, Ennovent Network member Ajaita Shah is looking to provide solar-powered lighting solutions to some of the state’s poorest citizens through her social enterprise Frontier Markets. » Read more

Boond delivers clean water and electricity in rural India

In the north of India, a company called Boond has created a business model that may hold promise for much of rural India. Boond sells products to improve the lives of rural Indians. These include solar lighting options, water purification products, as well as items for pest control. With these products, Boond hopes to improve life in rural India. » Read more

Barefoot Power looks to reduce the cost of living off-grid in India

Over 1.5 billion people globally lack access to clean and reliable energy because of limited connectivity to electricity grids. In India, Barefoot Power is reducing the cost of those living off the grid through their unique products and distribution approaches. Read more about their journey in India. » Read more

164 social ventures take part in the first edition of Tata Social Enterprise Challenge – Greenway Grameen emerges winner

Innovations we love: The Greenway Smart Stove – Made user-desirable, this high-efficiency cook stove is designed for everyday domestic use with solid biomass fuels – is also the winner of this year’s Tata Social Enterprise Challenge » Read more

Bright Indian future, driven by social enterprise and technology

With the motivation for social entrepreneurship strong as ever, and technology gaining a strong foothold in the country, the future of social change, driven by responsible capitalism and technology, is bright. » Read more

Solar-powered water pumps struggle to see the light

In a country of 1.2 billion people, the fear of new technology and lack of knowledge is posing as an obstacle to scale solar-powered irrigation pumps » Read more

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