“Never waste a good crisis”

Responsible finance centers on client protection and market conduct, and has been extended in recent years to include many other good corporate citizenship issues such as employee management, governance, and social performance monitoring. » Read more

Ennovent’s Impact Investment Holding invests in Anant Learning

Ennovent Impact Investment Holding and Upaya Social Ventures invest in Anant Learning & Development through the Ennovent Circle. » Read more

Five Questions with the Ennovent Circle: Sumantra Roy (Part 1)

Sumantra Roy speaks about his introduction to the social impact space, his investment philosophy and his views on the renewable energy sector in India. » Read more

Overcoming the challenges of a Social Business in the education space

Ennovent Pool member Dr. Rohit Shipstone lists the difficulties faced in establishing and scaling an enterprise in the education space, and shares trusted methods to tackle the same. » Read more

Leveraging technology for social business

Ennovent Pool member Rohit Shipstone writes about making use of technology as a business model to address issues in the sectors of education, health and energy. » Read more

Working at Ennovent: witnessing grassroots impact in Cambodia

In this new monthly series on the blog, we connect with various Ennovent team members and share why they like working at Ennovent. In this post our Associate – Finance, Jayanth shares how he got the opportunity to witness impact at the grass-roots during his visit to Cambodia. » Read more

Unnati offers school dropouts more than just jobs

Unnati founded by Rama Swami which has won India’s first skills enterprise challenge ‘Power to Empower 2013’, believes that the poor must be empowered. For them, it is important not only to be employed, but to be well employed. Only then will they allow their children to study as there will be no financial burden. » Read more

How Invensis hires under-qualified people and converts it into an advantage

According to statistics, education plays an important role in enhancing employment and fighting poverty and under-qualified people are at a disadvantage when it comes to finding jobs in a tough market. Read how Invensis is changing this trend by using under-qualified employees to create a competitive advantage. » Read more

Ennovent Weekly Roundup 27.09.2013

This week on our roundup, we feature news of a new investment fund, an interview with the CEO of a microfinance institution, a skills development enterprise for illiterate people and news on the Indian education sector. » Read more

Khan Academy: Taking Learning Out of ‘One Pace Fits All’ Classroom

7 million students from around the world are ‘attending’ the Khan Academy and the number is growing by 400% a year. Can this democratization of learning be the answer to the world’s changing education needs? » Read more

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