Outcome Report – The role of CSR in India’s sanitation challenge

Highlighting the key takeaways from the Role of CSR in Sanitation workshop which was hosted by Ennovent in December 2014. » Read more

What entrepreneurs are really looking for from an online community

Entrepreneurs attempting to take innovative ideas to markets often face a range of business challenges. Find out how online communities can help them address these challenges and what entrepreneurs really require from such platforms. » Read more

Impact Investing: Can we pay her less?

What constitutes impact investment? The debate seems to be an ongoing one. At the heart of the debate is the question that when push comes to shove what are an investors’ priorities? Profit or impact? Strive for both, but be clear about which is subservient. » Read more

Where Has All the Money for Fighting Tuberculosis Gone?

As a disease, TB is terrifying. According to the WHO, it is the biggest infectious-disease killer, taking more lives than AIDS, cholera and other pandemics combined. Huge amounts of funds have been poured into a bottomless pit to cure TB. But, where has all the money gone enquires Dr. Shelly Batra, Founder of Operation ASHA. » Read more

Social enterprise: can it succeed where traditional development has failed?

After six decades of development initiatives, social entrepreneurs are now the child star in an otherwise much-maligned space. Governments sing their praises, business schools teach their methods and award schemes elevate them to iconic status. But can social enterprises fill the gaps left by traditional state and NGO-led development? » Read more

Why Open Contests Work

Are contests and prizes a distraction, worth little to the social sector? Are they just a “sideshow,” as Kevin Starr, managing director of the Mulago Foundation, describes in a recent article? Mayur Patel explains why he thinks contests work. » Read more

Join us for a Tweet Chat on World Environment Day

Join Ennovent and Sankalp Forum for a Tweet Chat this World Environment Day to discuss how private enterprises can promote renewable energy practices. Follow the #1earth hashtag to stay up to date on the conversation. » Read more

Top Seven Tips for Startups by Startups

Last week I had the good fortune to be able to attend TiE Smashup Mumbai 3.0 – an annual unconference for the startups, by the startups. The day brought forward tons of startup insights. Here are the top seven ‘aha’ moments. » Read more

As a startup social enterprise, when is the right time to invest in technology?

If you are a startup who is toying with the idea of making a big investment in technology, here are some great insights for guidance. » Read more

Entrepreneurship: A Journey of Trial, Failure and Success

At the very core of entrepreneurship is innovation– and in many cases – also failure. The reality is that a journey towards successful innovation, as an entrepreneur or otherwise, is never without trial and error. » Read more

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