Engaging with the BoP in Kenya

Makit, a Denmark-based startup, aims to tackle the taboo of menstruation in Eastern Africa. With the launch of the Ruby Cup – made of 100% silicone that is reusable for 10 years – in Kenya, the enterprise aims to be a market leader in sustainable menstrual hygiene products. » Read more

Social Media: Five lessons for social entrepreneurs

Young, new social entrepreneurs around the world face a similar problem: building an audience and sustaining virtual communities. Here’s 5 key lessons when using social media for your enterprise » Read more

Category: BoP Marketing

The Toyola Money Box: The BoP marketing tactic you wish you’d thought of

First, it’s not actually a box. It’s a tin. A condensed milk tin with a hole in the top – empty, collected from garbage dumps by local kids. Just what does this box do? » Read more

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