Weekly Roundup: 19.09.2014


In this week’s roundup we refer to an entrepreneurship paper published by a Think Tank, bring you an excellent innovation in the education sector and question whether students are actually learning at school.


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India needs to build a Silicon Swadesh

Mumbai-based ThinkTank Gateway House, in a paper titled The India-US Partnership: $1 Trillion by 2030, has stated that India needs to build a robust ecosystem for entrepreneurs, modeled on the Silicon Valley. This Silicon Swadesh will primarily boost homegrown innovation and entrepreneurship, with technology playing a key role in tackling India’s development challenges. A surge is needed in the areas such as infrastructure, energy, health and education to create new jobs and opportunities. Read the full paper here


School under railway bridge helps students beat the odds

Grocer Rajesh Sharma and his friend Laxmi Sharma, a retired teacher, run a makeshift school for children of local labourers and farmers below Yamuna Vihar Metro Station in New Delhi. Rajesh started the makeshift school three years ago and there are currently over 70 students who attend classes. “I want to become an engineer someday because I like numbers and I like how English sounds when I speak the words,” says nine-year-old Veeresh, the son of a farm labourer. Earlier Mr Rajesh used to provide his students with books and stationary but now he receives supplies from other people. Read more


Are students learning in school?

Broadly there are two factors behind a successful education system – good facilities and the building of knowledge. An equitable system where all kinds of children learn together is ideal, but currently there is great dissatisfaction with the schooling system in India. There is a feeling that the 315 million students in India are not learning much. A reality check is needed for the education system in India. Read more


Tata Teleservices Ltd CIO Ashish Pachory on the need for big data

Indian companies are playing catchup with their global counterparts when it comes to tapping the potential of big data. In an email interaction, Tata Teleservices Ltd CIO Ashish Pachory explains the need for big data and how his company has been using it across several aspects of its functioning. Read the full interview here


Quitting jobs to persue social enterprise fellowships

Looking for meaning in their professional lives, more and more working professionals are working towards ways to use their skill and talent to build sustainable solutions for poverty. over 80 to 90 per cent of those who sign up for fellowships end up remaining in the space. Those perusing these fellowships are paid varied amounts, depending upon the organisation and sector involved. Read more


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