Weekly Roundup: 08.08.2014

This week we look at innovation and the unique ways in which cultures approach it. We hope you enjoy this week’s wrap-up – do share your thoughts in the comments below!


Sukhranjan Mistry


Meet the man who invented a foot operated tile making machine

Looks can be rather deceptive, as Sukhranjan Mistry (in pic, above) proves. This farmer from Uttaranchal looks like any other but he is famously credited with the invention of the Foot-Operated Roof Tile-Making Machine. Tiles are made manually but Sukhranjan felt it was a painfully time-consuming process. Using the principle of conversion of mechanical energy into vibrations, the 32-year-old developed a pedal-operated tile-making machine. Amazingly, the entire process started as Sukhranjan did not have enough resources to reconstruct the roof of his old house. Read more about his amazing story.


Indian companies’ missing innovation DNA

In the latest Global Innovation Index ranking among 143 global economies, India slipped 10 places to 76 – the only one among the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) countries to fall. Despite being India known for skilled talent, there is a definite lack of innovation DNA among companies. Traditionally organisations in India are systematic and process oriented. A distinct lack of autonomy in both organisations and individuals contributes to India’s lag on its innovative capability. Read more.


Stop romanticizing social enterprises

The term social enterprise evokes reactions varying from excitement to never having heard of it before. There are also those who argue that the two words cannot co-exist. Over the past few years the term has gathered a lot of traction, particularly within business circles. Social Entrepreneurs are introduced as ‘heroes’ and ‘people who can change the world’. This idealism directed towards social enterprises needs to stop. Such ventures need to be seen as a means and not as goal. Read more.


Southeast Asian women entrepreneurs target social gains

A network of women social entrepreneurs in Southeast Asian countries have come together to discuss their experiences of working in the space. Also they aim for solutions to the common problems they face, being women and entrepreneurs at the same time. This delegation comprises women from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam who seek to challenge cultural norms and decrease institutional weaknesses among women. Read more about ASEAN women entrepreneurs who think of social gains.


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