Looking back: Ennovent’s retreat to Nepal

In November 2013, the Ennovent team travelled to Nepal for the annual team retreat. Our latest team addition, Anupriya Kohli shares her experiences of this trip and why she is excited to be a part of Ennovent. 


As the plane started its descent into the Kathmandu valley manoeuvering its way through the majestic Himalayas, I looked around at the dynamic group of people I was with and sensed the palpable excitement. As the newest member of the Ennovent team, I had the opportunity to join the team retreat trip to Nepal and the group around me comprised the brilliant, passionate team at Ennovent that had formed a big part of the reason I was excited to come on board.


Himalayan Ranges


Indeed the team retreat in Nepal highlighted many aspects of the Ennovent work and culture that had drawn me in. While the days were long, they were always filled with interesting discussions and important considerations fundamentally grounded by the underlying focus on impact and sustainability. Discussing how far Ennovent had come and celebrating the successes, the team also reflected on the lessons learnt along the way and the way forward. The focus set clearly on constantly learning and evolving, while fostering the culture of innovation essential to the organization.


Charting the course forward, the group set out to picture the future, and all that would be needed to get there. Suffice it to say, there are many exciting things to come soon. It is a great time to be at the organization as it looks to enter its growth phase and there is much enthusiasm all around with a lot to be done, and many opportunities to learn and grow.


There will be challenges along the way as there always are but as I looked around the room I felt assured that Ennovent would be more than equipped to successfully navigate its path ahead with the energy and passion that runs through its team; a team that I’m delighted to now be a part of.


Picking up the conversations started in the lovely Kathmandu valley back in our virtual work spheres with much energy and enthusiasm, I find the same team spirit informs our day to day work.


Thinking back to my first conversation with some of the team members, I remember being asked, “Why Ennovent? Why us and not someone else?” and answering without having to think, “Because you do everything they do and so much more.” From the diverse, dynamic team to the comprehensive complementary suite of services to support social enterprises at any stage of the life cycle, the spirit of going above and beyond pervades the company.


Having recently moved back home to India after studying and working abroad, I spent the last few months learning about the social enterprise and impact investing landscape working on an accelerator program for early stage entrepreneurs as part of a fellowship program. I was excited about this opportunity to work with an ecosystem building organization in the space in a role that allows me to make a significant contribution to sustaining its growth.


With a cross-functional role that allows me to interact with and support all the parts that make up the whole, I couldn’t wait to get started and my experience so far has validated everything I believed coming in and so much more. As the team continues to go from strength to strength and the company grows ever more, I cannot but wait to be a part of the next chapter in the Ennovent story.


Ennovent currently has a range of open positions from a Project Manager to a Marketing Associate and beyond. For more details on working at Ennovent, visit our Careers page now

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