Now seeking: The world’s most unreasonable entrepreneurs


The Unreasonable Institute has began its annual search for startup ventures tackling the world’s greatest social and environmental challenges and if you have a startup that meets their criteria, you should consider applying now.



Each year, the Institute unites two-dozen entrepreneurs from every corner of the globe to live under the same roof for five weeks in Boulder, Colorado. There, they receive training from 50 mentors and form relationships with hundreds of potential investors. This year, in addition to the founding program in the United States, Unreasonable Institute is piloting mentorship and training programs in both East Africa and Mexico.


As an entrepreneur, you should consider applying for this program because in each of the 3 locations, Unreasonable Institute entrepreneurs live together under one roof for five weeks, where they have the chance to:

- Learn from and live with 50 mentors, ranging from a founder of 3 companies with billion-dollar exits; to the director of strategy at BRAC, which has brought 100 million people out of poverty; to the former User Experience Lead at Google X, which created Google Glass and the self-driving car.

- Live with portfolio managers from at least 40 major impact investment funds like Khosla Ventures, Calvert Fund, and Acumen Fund and build relationships with over 250 prospective angel investors.

- Get deeply customized support: mentors, investors, and training workshops are carefully curated based on each startup’s needs.

- Join a global network of 100+ early-stage entrepreneurs from 37 countries, 100+ mentors, and the Unreasonable Institute’s 180 partner organizations, including HP, Teach For America, and TED Fellows.


Toni Maraviglia, CEO of Eneza Education, one of 82 companies that have attended the Unreasonable Institute in the past four years adds, ” The 2013 Unreasonable Institute was the best thing my co-founder and I could have done for Eneza. We were able to get 6 months of work done in one month due to all the amazing coaching, mentoring, workshops, and support we got from Unreasonable staff during the Institute and after. Most importantly, we joined a community of globe-changing fellows that we can learn from and support in making a huge impact”.


To learn more about the Unreasonable Institute as well as to submit an application, visit The application deadline is November 7, 2013 for Unreasonable Global and Unreasonable East Africa. The deadline for Unreasonable Mexico is December 1. Reasonable entrepreneurs need not apply.

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