Prabhava: Bangalore Impact Guide


Bangalore comprises of one of the largest communities in impact entrepreneurship that cuts across sectors, as well as a diverse set of stakeholders and players who influence the impact ecosystem in India. Many individuals and organizations within India, and world over, have attempted to understand this diversity of players in Bangalore. However, there is no consolidated document offering a holistic understanding of this fast evolving city.


Collaborative Community (CC) is a design studio based out of Bangalore that provides quality creative services to enable social sector organisations and impact start-ups bringing marketing, branding, communication and design services to their organisation. They focus on making capacity building resources accessible at affordable prices to impact start-ups.


As one of their initiatives, Collaborative Community felt the need to create a cohesive guide that allowed anyone within and outside the boundaries of Bangalore, as well as across the borders of India, to understand the impact ecosystem of the city. The guide is called Prabhava: Bangalore Impact Guide. ‘Prabhava’ in Kannada means ‘Impact’ or ‘influence’.


Available in print and online, across atleast 45 countries the guide will cater to and include profiles of:

- NGOs, Social Enterprises, Foundations,  Trusts,  Society and Impact Investors

- Platforms/ Community – Online and Physical

- Industrial Bodies, Incubators and Accelerators

- Heritage and Cultural spots of Bangalore

- Arts – food, fine art, performing arts, music, theatre, and nature


The aim of Prabhava is not just to provide you with a list of places that form the impact sector of Bangalore, but also bring together the impact sector in its entirety on a single macro-level platform and  provide information of the impact ecosystem to whosoever may want to tap into or access the sector unbiased


This is one of the first attempts in India, and Bangalore, to create a Guide that showcases the impact sector of the city. It is an attempt to design a document that would not just be informative but also invaluable for anyone that wants to understand Bangalore from four dimensions of impact namely Social, Economic, Ecological and Cultural.


In order to be a part of this unified vision of Bangalore’s impact sector,  the Collaborative Community needs you -  You who are a part of Bangalore; a part its impact sector; active players in building its foundation; keystones in making this parallel map of Bangalore an ever-growing, dynamic ecosystem.


To know more about the Prabhava impact guide and how you can be a part of it write to them at prabhava [at] collaborativec [dot] in.


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