Ennovent Weekly Roundup 10.8.13

Compiled by: Kartikey Srivastava and Perzen Patel


This week on our round-up, we feature the Indian government’s plans to assist entrepreneurs in the decade 2010 – 2020, showcase two interviews with entrepreneurs – one thats established in the design field while another young entrepreneur just starting out in the education sector. Finally we share how Indian slums are become brewing grounds for social innovations. We hope you enjoy this week’s roundup!


Ideas from the abyss need ground to grow

The subject of social entrepreneurship and innovation has really caught the mind of the Indian government. As well as dedicating 2010-2020 as the ‘Decade of Innovation’, they have set up the National Innovation Council (NInC) to facilitate an Indian model of innovation that is inclusive and caters to the needs of people at the bottom of the social pyramid.


To expand its footprint, NInC has been looking to establish an India Inclusive Innovation Fund (IIIF) to drive and catalyse the creation of a rural innovation and enterprise ecosystem through venture capital targeted at developing innovative solutions for the bottom of the pyramid. With an eventual target corpus of Rs 5000 crore, the fund is looking to act as a provider of opportunities.


The expansion is crucial. The Intellectual Property Office received 16,441 patent applications last year. And that was only in Chennai. With the help of those at the top, the grassroots entrepreneurs can really make their mark in the next few years.


Design in Social Entrepreneurship with Neelam Chibber

Neelam Chibber is the Founder of social enterprises Industree and Mother Earth and is an Industrial Designer from National Institute of Design. Neelam has created a successful handicraft manufacturing and retail business with an equal focus on retail market and rural artisans with Industree and Mother Earth.


While she previously shared her thoughts on scaling up at an Ennovent Thought Leader Session, in this interview Neelam shares her thoughts on design and social enterprise, raising funds, design education as well as the psyche of design students. Whether you are a designer student yourself or not, this interview is a must see just for Neelam’s inspirational insights on entrepreneurship.


Social entrepreneurship is all about risk

Devanik Saha

Devanik Saha is the founder of Unnayan Learning Hub, an enterprise which supports girls in low income communities during their time at school.

Saha gave up a job with Accenture and started teaching at a government school in New Delhi which gave him a direct opportunity to meet the children he is devoting his time to now. The learning hub runs from 11am – 6pm and he teaches the children himself along with the co-founder Swati.


In this interview he talks about his journey and why he believes that social entrepreneurship is all about risk




Social enterprise in Indian slums

Slums in India have grabbed the attention of activists, journalists and humanitarians for decades.


It can be easy to focus on the first impressions of overcrowding, filth and poverty. But peel back the harsh veneer and one sees the budding social enterprises that thrive in Mumbai’s M Ward and Delhi’s Holumbi Khurd. New business models from large and small firms alike that foster jobs, conserve resources and inspire innovation thrive within these neighbourhoods.


The scarcity of resources like water and energy force residents to become creative, thrifty and share with their neighbours. Moreover, the lack of necessities inspires social innovation, allowing many residents of these areas to progress and find employment. Energy, water and health are just a few sectors in which necessity and creativity have converged in these areas to improve lives and create new jobs.


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