Ennovent partners with TrustLaw Connect to offer probono legal services

Starting up as well as scaling innovations in India is tough. What’s tougher is that laws and regulations in India change continuously making legal compliance a case of shifting goal posts for many enterprises.


Especially for socially focused enterprises, access to legal expertise is essential to run programmes, scale business, expand into new countries, or obtain a deeper understanding of the legal and policy frameworks within which they operate. However, this expertise is often prohibitively expensive or not easily accessible.


It is for this reason that Ennovent recently partnered with Trust Law Connect – a probono legal service offered by the Thomson Reuters foundation.


Launched in 2010, TrustLaw Connect has grown to include over 1,200 members in 145 countries and in India includes law firms such as AZB & partners, J. Sagar Associates, Luthra & Luthra, Trilegal and ALMT. Trust Law’s mission? To connect NGOs and socially focused ventures with outstanding lawyers willing to provide free legal assistance all around the world.



Through TrustLaw Connect, you can post requests for legal assistance for matters such as:

-  Legal research on laws and policy across multiple countries to identify best practices or policy gaps
-  Drafting or reviewing commercial agreements, such as partnership contracts or sales contracts
-  Protecting your organisation’s intellectual property, such as trademarks or copyright advice
-  Creating template employment contracts for staff/volunteers or assisting with general employment/HR issues


Here is a short video on the kinds of project TrustLaw Connect can help you with.


While individual enterprises can always apply online and become members, through Ennovent’s referral partnership both Ennovent Network as well as Ennovent Circle member applications can be fast-tracked. This means you get expert pro-bono legal assistance for your enterprise, fast.


To learn more about how you can get probono legal support for your requests, contact Manu Gupta, Manager, Scale Services now


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