Meet the winners of Ennovent’s Chicago Booth Global Launchpad Competition


Earlier this month, Ennovent ran a special competition for the entrepreneurs on the Ennovent Network.


Four entrepreneurs that provided us with the most comprehensive feedback to accelerate and enhance the user experience on the Ennovent Network won the opportunity to attend the premier Global Launchpad program for entrepreneurs hosted by the Booth School of Business, at the University of Chicago – completely free!


We are pleased to announce that after receiving a lot of feedback (which will keep our Network teams busy for a fair few months) the winners of the competition are Raj Jani, Niranjan Ramakrishnan, Tom Jose & Ishita Sanyal.


All these four lucky entrepreneurs will be visiting Mumbai mid-July to attend this exclusive program that supports the ongoing education of entrepreneurs globally by providing instruction on topics including business model evaluation, entrepreneurial selling, strategic innovation and financial modeling.



I caught up with the winners to learn a bit more about them and why they are excited to be attending the course. Here’s what they had to say:


Raj – As a development consultant with over 22 years of experience I have been in the social enterprise space in India for a long time. I am in the midst of starting up Happiness Stores Pvt Ltd, which wants to bring healthy food to the masses rather than the classes. I am excited to attend this course so that I can network with like-minded practitioners connected to the wellness industry and learn how to develop a complete business model.


Niranjan – Community centric projects can’t be handled if you only have professional and technical experience. As the founder of Invest2care and an entrepreneur, I have been spending a lot of time in building my electronic patient record software patient2care. By attending the Global Launchpad program, I am hoping to grow my networks and forge new partnerships. In addition to learning I am on the look out for mentorship and support in terms of knowledge & process – something I hope to gain through this program.


Tom – After completing my MBA and working in KPMG for 4 years I was bitten by the entrepreneurship bug and founded Emprenure Labs – an enterprise that develops a variety of tech products for emerging markets. By winning this competition, I am excited to be able to attend a program that will provide me hands-on coaching through industry experts. In particular I am keen to interact with the experienced faculty to enhance my execution skills, background knowledge on financial models and gain new perspectives on balancing purpose and profits in social enterprises.


Ishita – For the last 15 years I have been actively involved in psychotherapy and mental health activism, including setting up India’s first day care center – Turning Point – that actively nurtured the creativity of patients afflicted with mental illness. I wanted to challenge the belief that to bring social change, you must rely on the charity of others and hence I set up Jhankar – an enterprise that markets art and jewelery created by patients afflicted with mental illness and enables them to have a livelihood. Through this program I am hoping to connect with mentors and learn the technical know-how to scale Jhankar. By networking and building awareness about the work we are doing, I hope to establish successful partnerships through the Global Launchpad program while learning key entrepreneurship lessons.


The Global Launchpad Program aims to support the ongoing education of the Indian entrepreneur and will take place in Mumbai from July 11 – 14th.


Join the Ennovent Network to stay tuned on their experience and learn new tips from them on driving your ventures forward.  


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