Ennovent Member, Naveen Peddalagalla of Sudiksha on the Runway to Success


Runway to Success is a TV series hosted by ET Now, a popular business TV channel show in India. The show is focused sharply on the Indian entrepreneur and is an opportunity for enterprises to fast track their success.


Naveen Pedalagalla, Founder of Sudiksha Knowledge Solutions – an enterprise that establishes low-cost quality pre-school and received funding from the Ennovent Circle member, Eleos Foundation some time ago – got the opportunity to participate on this show that is now airing on ET Now. Below, he shares his experience with us:




What’s the show about and its purpose?

The show aims to bring together top enterprises within the country on a common platform and give entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their business idea to experienced jury members such as serial entrepreneurs, venture capital investors and leading mentors. Runway to Success is essentially a business case show, which enables entrepreneurs to receive mentorship that generally is very hard to secure in the real world. It helps us truly question the business model and the strategies we are using to evaluate how we can grow our enterprises. 


Please share your experience on what happened in the show?

I participated right at the last moment because I only heard about it 5 hours before the application deadline so I was surprised when I was shortlisted for it. It was the first time that I participated and so far it’s been a lot of fun to stand with so many entrepreneurs and compete with our ideas and strategies. It is a great way for us to measure our skill sets and enabled me personally to really fine-tune what the competitive edge is for Sudiksha. While the show has entrepreneurs from various fields, I am really happy that a social enterprise such as ours also got the opportunity to participate as it helps us create awareness about the sector overall and the great work that other entrepreneurs are doing.


Has participating in such a show helped you with Sudiksha?

I’ve been in touch with a lot of mentors etc. since the last few years, especially with the help of the Ennovent team who is always helping find out about initiatives – they helped me find out about The Unreasonables where I am currently participating for example.  However this show has been a great opportunity, not only because it has helped me develop as an entrepreneur but also because pitching to VCs, experienced practitioners and academics enables an enterprise to really question their business model and strategies. I am also hoping that by participating, more people will hear about Sudiksha and the work we are doing so that we can grow our operations and expand.


How did you hear about the ET Now Contest? And why did you participate?

Over the years I have been in touch with the Ennovent team and Digbijoy Shukla, Director Ennovent Circle encouraged me to apply for the show. I had seen other similar shows by ET now and was excited to participate as not only is it a great personal experience to be on TV but I felt that it would add a lot of credibility to Sudiksha as well as any future endeavours. I am happy that I participated and all I can say is stay tuned to see who comes to the finals!



The Runway to Success show received over 15000 entries and we are proud that an Ennovent Network Member was shortlisted for the show and received the opportunity to participate.


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