Schwab Foundation’s outstanding social entrepreneurs of 2012


Excerpt from the Brochure | Hilde & Klaus Schwab


Schwab Foundation Outstanding Entrepreneurs 2012



Many of the most promising, innovative solutions to the world’s problems are spearheaded by little-known entrepreneurial organizations. While their impact is significant, it is still far from what is needed to solve the major challenges affecting our world.


In 1998 we set up the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship as a not-for-profit organization to find the most advanced social entrepreneurs and provide them – in close cooperation with the World Economic Forum – with a platform to collaborate with top leaders from the public and private sectors to accelerate their social impact.


Today, social entrepreneurs have become an integral part of the Annual and Regional Meetings of the World Economic Forum. They participate in initiatives and task forces alongside major corporations, policy-makers and academics to shape the agenda in their respective fields, including renewable energy, water, education, healthcare delivery and agriculture.


The Foundation and its Partners identify 20-25 social entrepreneurs annually who become members of its community of Social Entrepreneurs. Today this community comprises 200 outstanding social innovators with a proven record of global impact. Together with this community, the Schwab Foundation has contributed in many ways to promote social entrepreneurship locally, nationally and globally as a required societal force.


The see the complete list of outstanding entrepreneurs of 2012, click here


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