INICIO Case study challenge for student entrepreneurs



“You’ve got to stop doing all the things that people have tried, tested, and found out don’t work” – Michael Dunlop

Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Kharagpur in association with Vinod Gupta School of Management, presents INICIO, an
innovative hands-on case study challenge.


The event aims to encourage the young minds to let their ingenuity do the talking without the much talked about hiccups. This event consists of four rounds depicting the four distinct stages which a start-up organization goes through.


Every round will be eliminating in nature. After the fourth round, 5 teams will be selected for the finals. These teams will be invited to the campus to present their consolidated strategies. They will be judged on 13th January 2013 by distinguished panel of judges consisting of academicians and industry experts during Global Entrepreneurship Summit at IIT Kharagpur.


Last date for submission of first round entries is 15th December, 2012.


Further details on registration and related rules and regulations are available at



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