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Ennovent | 18 December 2012


Social entrepreneurs make a real difference to the everyday lives of real people and are India’s best hope for long-term, large scale social change. While the ideas are already taking seed in the mind of the entrepreneurs, they need the right platform that can match the ideas with resources enthusiasm and experience.


One such platform is ‘Action for India’. Action For India aims to connect young social innovators(YSIs) in India with impact investors, mentors and technology experts from around the world.


A great news coming your way, if you are an social innovator in India, is that, AFI’s signature event and annual forum is being organized in Delhi, India on 20 January 2013. If you are a young social innovator (YSI), don’t miss this opportunity to register.


If you are among the 100 selected qualifying YSIs, Action for India will waive the registration fees and reimburse reasonable travel and accommodation expenses for selected YSIs.


To qualify, your organization must:

- have a social mission, whether a for-profit social enterprise or a not-for-profit NGO

- have a founder or CEO of age 40 years or younger

- serve customers/clients in India

- be in agriculture, education, energy, healthcare or livelihoods sectors

- emphasize technology

- have been functioning as a registered entity for more than a year but less than 7 years


For further details, click here to see the application form.


Hurry, applications close 21 December 2012 at 5PM IST. For more details about AFI, visit their website.



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