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In India’s last decade there has been notable progress in sectors like education and healthcare, which has improved the quality of life for many of the country’s inhabitants. However, these achievements aside, more than 40% of the population still earn less than USD 1.25/day. This means that 480 million people live each day in a cycle of poverty, unable to realize their potential and drive India’s future forward.


To address this key economic and deveopment issue, India needs a thriving landscape of social entrepreneurs harnesing new and innovative ideas – such as solar energy or mobile technology – to change the status quo and realize India’s growth.


Although social entrepreneurs work tirelessly to move a high-impact idea or venture forward, they too need critical support – such as mentoring and funding – until they can reach financial and operational sustainability.


While Ennovent supports the ecosystem of social entrepreneurs, investors and experts to help them connect and create a collective impact, we also wanted to share with our readers, a great initiative from one of our partners – UnLtd India.


UnLtd India is a launchpad for such early-stage entrepreneurs who wish to bring about a change in the community via their social ventures. Through the provision of much-needed funding and incubation, UnLtd India helps entrepreneurs build the skills and confidence needed to create high-impact ventures.


Until now, UnLtd India has supported 118 social entrepreneurs and their investee ventures have created over 3000 jobs and 650,000 beneficiaries.

Learn more about Ultd India here


Now, more than ever, UnLtd India is focused on expanding their impact to reach even the most remote entreprenuers in India. As a result, UnLtd India is creating a network of affiliates; organizations who will share similar core values, practices and brand of UnLtd India, yet will be locally-rooted, independent entities.


The affiliate network is a unique approach poised to expand UnLtd India’s work with social entrepreneurs to the areas where it’s needed most.


UnLtd India is searching for passionate and experienced Founder/Entrepreneurs to launch the affiliates. Affiliate founders will receive partial seed funding and support from UnLtd India to accelerate the start-up process.


If you want to know more about being an UnLtd India affiliate, visit their website now.


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