TBI Innovations: Let There Be Light – A Low Cost DIY Torch


Nilanjana Nag Pereira | The Better India | October 31, 2012


Why let load-shedding bring you down? Innovator Vikram Dinubhai Panchal’s simple and cost-effective answer to the problem is for anyone to try out!


In a doubt-infested global economy where prices are skyrocketing and the future seems bleak, the supply and demand theory makes very little sense. Being self-sufficient is the smart thing to do. Innovator Vikram Dinubhai Panchal promulgates this theory with an added edge – that of cost-effectiveness. ‘Why not use a few easily available, low-cost materials to make something yourself?’- is the core idea behind his creation: a Do-It-Yourself Torch.


The DIY torch is made up of simple components like a bulb of 2.6 watts, power cells of 1.5 watts, a connecting wire and the body of plastic poly propylene


“The DIY torch, if mass-produced, will have an instructional manual with illustrations and guidelines enabling anyone to make it easily,” Panchal is quick to add. And the cost? “A normal torch in India costs approximately Rs. 30. This DIY flashlight, if mass produced, will cost approximately Rs. 15.


For now, Panchal’s design is sure to give ample pleasure to someone who is smart about gathering and re-using the few above-mentioned ingredients to create a torch, which can be a handy emergency light, an excellent travel companion, or could even be used in medical emergencies or varied army usages. The designer adds, “You don’t need any formal education or training to create this torch; this encourages many, from students to craftsmen, to make it themselves. While students may explore it from the learning point of view, craftsmen or even a lay person may try it as a self-employment option.”


There is also a fun aspect to it. “’Do it yourself’ saves time and allows you to make modifications in the product because, in essence, one becomes the designer and the user of their own product.


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