5 social entrepreneurship startups with a global focus

Sustainable Business Oregon | 19 November 2012


Social entrepreneurship is more than just a buzz-worthy startup concept. It has the potential to create significant companies that can tackle major social issues, from youth agricultural education in Liberia to urban food waste in the United States.


So, as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week last week, we offer a look at five startups with laudable missions and creative business plans. They were among this yea’s 50 Startup Open finalists.


G3Box (Arizona): The group of Arizona State University students and recent graduates turn steel shipping containers into medical clinics (with power, a sink, counters and HVAC) that can be sold to organizations providing healthcare, disaster response and other services in remote and impoverished areas around the world.


Young Farmer’s Resource Center (Liberia): The center has a mission to educate 35,000 impoverished youth and young sex workers in post-war Liberia about agriculture and farming.


Likarda (Kansas): A cure for diabetes is the mission of Kansas City researchers who’ve developed a powerful cell cluster therapy already working on animals.


Re-Nuble (District of Columbia): Its organic urban recycling facilities would help the biggest food waste producers — restaurants, hotels, grocery stores and schools — more efficiently and sustainably dispose of waste.


Tiatros (California): A team of San Francisco researchers, physicians and technologists believe Tiatros can become the universal global platform for healthcare providers, patients and their families to access complete health data, patient records and health education materials in real-time and on any device.


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