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Before a well-timed marketing strategy, revenue model or MIS system comes the most important piece of any enterprise – a truly great idea.


Of establishing The Bloomtrigger Project in 2010 – a visual model of online fundraising that offers individuals, businesses and primary school children a simple way to protect the rainforest through a model of partnership with on-the-ground organizations – Founder James Sutton says: “I had one of those ideas that strikes you in the middle of the night and you find yourself scribbling frantically in a notebook when you’re supposed to be sleeping.”


Whether it comes to you mid-slumber like Sutton or you’ve been mulling it over for, a high-impact idea is the driving force behind any successful enterprise – big or small.


But more than just creating financial wealth due too a groundbreaking or innovative inkling (in other words, like the Steve Jobs and Walt Disney’s of the world) – forward-thinking ideas are the catalysts behind lasting social, economic and environmental change. They accelerate impact, make the world a better place and, at times, even change history.


Recognizing the power of high impact ideas as related to addressing deforestation, the WWF Switzerland Tropical Forest Challenge launched an ‘Idea’ category. The challenge – which is working to identify the best-for profit solutions having a positive impact on tropical forest biodiversity – recognizes that even before proof of concept or proof of market – the idea is just as important to reversing forest degradation.


However even with that one brilliant idea that could reverse the damaging effects of deforestation in the world’s 75 tropical forest-rich countries, entrepreneurs find it difficult to access capacity building, financing opportunities to ensure their venture can gain traction.


This is why the WWF Switzerland Tropical Forest Challenge is so important – in addition to connecting like-minded entrepreneurs and business experts together, it’s ensuring that entrepreneurs can gain the exposure and support they require to make their idea, start up or company generate impact.


“It’ll be amazing to be chosen by the WWF Switzerland Tropical Forest Challenge as a winner,” notes Challenge applicant and Bloomtrigger Founder Sutton. “People around the world will know about Bloomtrigger which can propel its growth and even open new funding avenues.”


It just takes one great idea to create lasting change, for tropical forests and beyond.  We’re looking for those ideas now – so nominate or apply to the WWF Switzerland Tropical Forest Challenge today to be endorsed by WWF Switzerland as the best-for profit solution impacting tropical forest and also gain access to capacity building and global visibility opportunities.


Nominate an Idea for the WWF Switzerland Tropical Forest Challenge now!


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