Business Solutions for Biodiversity: The Tropical Forest Challenge receives high-impact applicants!

Rainforests are the most threatened ecosystems globally – an issue which many individuals and organizations may see as an unstoppable reality of the ever-growing industry.

However, there are thousands of emerging and established socially-driven businesses which are clearly addressing tropical forest biodiversity through their operations – an exciting force working at the grass-roots level to preserve our valuable tropical forests.

Recognizing the power of enterprise, Ennovent is managing the Tropical Forest Challenge on behalf of WWF Switzerland. The objective of this exciting Challenge is to discover the most innovative for-profit enterprise solutions that conserve tropical forest biodiversity.

In this one-of-a-kind Challenge, entrepreneurs from around the world can submit their business solutions online in three categories – idea, start up and company – and compete to win rewards, such as global visibility, networking and capacity building opportunities.

Since applications opened June 1, Ennovent has received a number of exciting submissions. With this in mind, we wanted to showcase a few of our most recent applicants:

Camps International Reforestation and Eco-tourism:

Camps International is a company that works in Africa, Asia and South America. The Jungles and forests near the communities where Camps International works are some of the most diverse and ecologically important habitats on earth – yet they are serious at risk. Logging, both legal and illegal, Palm Oil plantations and farmland are slowly eroding the available rainforest cover destroying critical ecosystems in the process.

Recognizing this, Camps International has been working alongside the communities in vulnerable areas to support income generation, through direct employment of locals, eco-tourism, education and volunteer placements. Uniquely, Camps International has also created a centre of excellence to train and support other communities and organisations across South East Asia using their own collective as a model.

You can read more about Camps International here.

This company is a web-based enterprise in India that allows individuals to support tree planting efforts, as gifts for special occasions.

Uniquely, gives people a green alternative to the traditional greeting card. You have the ability to use a personalized e-certificate to greet someone special with trees planted in their honour, to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, festival or special occasion. As an user on their website you can choose the region that you would like trees planted in and the number of trees that you would like planted and you can then gift this effort to someone with an e-certificate. Similarly corporate too can use this service to engage with employees or honour clients, suppliers or stakeholders and do social good by planting trees. So far has planted over 269,000 trees across 10 projects in 6 states in India.

You can read more about Grow-Trees here.

There have been exciting applications to the WWF Switzerland Tropical Forest Challenge throughout June – these are a just a small sample of the organizations having a positive impact on tropical forest biodiversity around the globe!

Now, you too can get involved. Apply for the Challenge or Nominate an enterprise that you think has a positive impact on tropical forest biodiversity!



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