WWF Switzerland launches Tropical Forest Challenge

Each year, some 140,000 sq km of rainforests are destroyed, but the destruction must not continue. Ennovent supported by WWF Switzerland has launched a Tropical Forest Challenge to search for the most innovative for-profit solutions that conserve the tropical forest biodiversity. Entrepreneurs from around the world can apply and win in-kind rewards. The nominators of the winners will receive cash rewards.

Importance of Tropical Forests
Tropical forests cover only about 6% of the earth’s land surface, less than half the area they covered not so very long ago. They play an important role in maintaining biological diversity, sequestering and storing carbon, global climate regulation, disease control, and pollination. In addition to ecosystem services, tropical forests also provide resources to people. For example, the sustainable exploitation of non-timber forest products such as medicinal plants, herbs and fruits are critical for the survival of local communities and mankind in general.

Need for a Challenge
WWF Switzerland is committed to conserving the world’s tropical forests, not only for the incredible wealth of plants and animals that live in them, but for the benefit of people. Sustainable enterprises providing goods and services with a neutral or positive impact on the environment and tropical forests have started, but are still relatively few in number and at an early stage. These enterprises can complement the valuable work of NGOs and governments to reduce the pressure on tropical forest biodiversity.

Challenge Categories

One winner will be selected in each of the following categories:

Idea (Concept note): A full concept note describing the solution
Startup (Proof-of-market): A successful solution tested with potential customers
• Company (Break-even): Sufficient revenue streams from sales to cover all costs

Get Involved

• Apply now: Winners will receive, global visibility, networking opportunities and capacity building!
• Nominate solutions
: Each successful nomination will get a EUR 1,000 cash reward and global visibility!

Read full details about the Challenge here.


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