Ennovent launches India Employment Challenge

Despite a vibrant and rapidly growing economy over the last decades and a large youth population, India is still facing a significant shortage of skilled labour. The result is an increasing disparity between the rich and poor, which prevents a large number of poor and vulnerable people from benefiting from economic growth.





Need for a challenge
Earning below USD 5 (local PPP), poor people have insufficient access or cannot afford the required skills-based education and training to increase their employability. The objective of this challenge is to find, invest and scale the best innovation – a product, service, process, or business models – that has the potential for a sustainable impact on employability of a large number of poor people in India.

The top 5 finalists will get an opportunity to present to Ennovent’s Impact Circle. The Winner will receive:

> An investment of up to USD 1 million*
> One year of support from a reputed incubator
> 20 hours of free advisory services from Ennovent’s Expert Pool
> Free passes to 3 key events for startups in India
> Visibility across India through ennovent’s marketing channels

* The upto USD 1 million investment is subject to a positive result of the investment process and the approval by interested investors of the Impact Circle.

Get Involved
Help us find early-stage, for-profit companies that can address this critical need. Apply or nominate solutions here!



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