Top 5 Reasons Why Coworking is for Social Entrepreneurs

Written by Genevieve DeGuzman on January 27, 2012 in Entrepreneurship |Social Earth

“Over the past five years, coworking has emerged as a movement that is changing how entrepreneurs and innovators work. Coworking has been touted as everything from a way to find a job for the unemployed to the “future of work“. It started out as a loose community for the self-employed, bringing freelancers and independents together to share space and resources, but has since evolved into an all-around platform for various types of businesses and organizations, including startups, social enterprises, nonprofits, and even corporations.

The Value of Coworking for Social Entrepreneurs

Coworking makes sense for social entrepreneurs because of the resources it provides, particularly the “social capital”— the relationships cultivated by working alongside others. Cospace co-founder Kirtus Dixon summarizes the case for coworking this way: “The magic of coworking is [having the access to] an ecosystem of innovation, learning, and support.” Working independently in these communal spaces, people from different backgrounds and industries create thriving opportunities where creative sparks fly— a process dubbed “accelerated serendipity” by advocates. Other perks include mentoring and coaching in the social enterprise space; auxiliary services that social enterprises need, such as legal advice; and possible leads for funding.

Here are more benefits of coworking for social entrepreneurs:
#1 Networking opportunities
#2 Tapping into ‘accelerated serendipity’
#3 Opportunities for bigger projects
#4 Shared resources (from equipment to expertise)
#5 More bang for the buck

So, try something different in 2012. Find a coworking space in your neighborhood and add coworking to your social enterprise toolbelt.”

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Image Courtesy: Social Earth | Flickr photo by Tim Dorr


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