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January 2012 | This report is a joint publication of Credit Suisse and the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship

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“The growing interest in impact investing is hard to miss. Today, more investors and entrepreneurs than ever are proactively investing their capital in solutions designed to generate a positive social or environmental impact, while also having the potential for some financial return. In practice, such opportunities are emerging in most parts of the world, across nearly all asset classes, and at many different levels of risk and return. A standard impact investment structure today will invest in enterprises that provide self-sustaining solutions to social problems, such as access to clean water, improved health care, or the provision of clean energy. Investing in these organizations provides a direct and significant impact for those in poverty, and in many cases also offers a financial return.

Beyond investing in social enterprises, other impact investment vehicles are also evolving fast, ranging from a variety of innovative impact bond structures to peer-to-peer funding platforms to seedstage investing forums. Still, the field is at an early stage of development, with participants grappling with a number of hurdles such as agreeing on standardized impact metrics, finding optimal financing mixes, avoiding mission drift, and, of course, connecting investors who can deploy “patient capital” with promising social enterprises. The purpose of this report is to offer investors and social entrepreneurs alike a better understanding of these complexities.

This publication will offer you more insight into this exciting new field.”

Read full report here.


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