Awanti Bele joins ennovent as Director – Global Network


Awanti Bele has joined ennovent as the Director – Global Network. She will be replacing Leila Karnik who is taking a sabbatical from work. Leila has been instrumental in developing & launching ennovent’s online global network and will now play a role of an advisor to the ennovent team. Awanti will be taking over to manage the smooth functioning of the network and help grow the community of entrepreneurs, investors & experts to discover, finance and scale the best innovations that make a sustainable impact at the BoP!

Awanti has more than 7 years of extensive experience in Project Management and Strategy consulting in the field of NGO, Anti-corruption and the corporate sector. She has a background in technology having worked for TCS and Motorola in India and the UK. Her latest role was in managing the anti corruption initiative, one of the fastest growing repositories of crowdsourced corruption stories. Awanti holds a BTech from NIT, Allahabad and an MBA from Cranfield School of Management, UK.

Awanti shares with us her thoughts on impact and how her role would be instrumental in bringing about the change she wishes to see at the Base of the Pyramid.

Q. What inspired you to move to the social sector from IT?
When we talk of India’s development we very often look at and publicise the top 10% of the population which is enjoying the fruits of growth in services industry. This is not the real India. Anyone looking to work in development of the country cannot disregard the keyword “equitable”. The high economic and socio-cultural disparity that exists in India today falsifies all the claims of growth and %GDP increase that we boast of. Any lasting change has to be brought about in one of the biggest cross sections of society which is the base of the pyramid.

My reason for leaving a flourishing private sector career and using my experience for social change ties in with this. I want to contribute to development of the masses of India. I have reaped the benefits of services and infrastructure at the forefront of the IT services industry and I realize that it’s just fair that each citizen of the country should have equal opportunities to try to improve their quality of life.

Q. Why Ennovent?
I am excited to be a part of Ennovent because of the sheer potential of the idea of providing a platform that will bring the innovators, experts and investors on the same platform. It fulfills a very prominent gap in the development sector at the base of the economic pyramid. Further the channel of outreach (the internet and networks) is in synergy with my passion of harnessing technology for social change. Another important factor is that in Ennovent’s vision I see a fulfillment of the very reason I joined the social sector. It’s a fine mesh of my skill set and my career aspirations.

Q. What does impact mean to you?
Impact is to change lives for the better. This can be a result of direct grassroots work or by facilitating such work. I would find satisfaction in knowing that as a result of the work I do someone’s live is changed for the better.

Q. How do you think will you be able to make an impact through the ennovent global network?
Ennovent’s global network is a classic example of how to drive sustainable change. In my role of nurturing the global network I am a part of this journey of discovering and scaling such innovations that directly impact lives. That’s totally inline with how I see and connect with the concept of “impact”

To read more about Awanti, click here. You may also connect with Awanti on the ennovent global network!

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