Sustainable and Cheap Energy For the Bottom of the Pyramid in India

India, one of the fastest growing and largest economies in the world is facing a huge challenge in terms of proper and adequate infrastructure. One of the major parts of which is “energy”. The lack of cheap and reliable energy is hampering its industrial growth and economic progress. Setting up new power plants is inevitable, but it comes attached with another burden and dependency on highly scarce natural resources.

It hence is an absolute necessity, which calls for taking solid steps towards generating energy, utilising renewable, natural resources eg: solar, wind, water, etc.

The average per capita consumption of energy in India is around 500 W, which is much lower than that of developed countries like USA, Europe, Australia, Japan etc. However, this figure is expected to rise sharply due to high economic growth and rapid industrialization.

So far for the developed part of the story. But there is a growing India, which we at times overlook, that constitutes the Next Billion. And this “‘Bottom of the Pyramid” market in India is of a fairly large size and spread across the length and breadth of the country.

Imagine: The food you eat is being sown and harvested by farmers somewhere far away from you, who do not even have access to clean and affordable energy.

Can we help them get access to clean energy? Do we have solutions in India for generating such cheap renewable energy? Do we have ideas and innovative entrepreneurs to take such a challenge? Can we create new opportunities for the BoP in India?

ennovent announces the first of its kinds, the Global Energy Challenge, for entrepreneurs, who have unique and innovative solutions towards generation of cheap and clean energy for the BoP in India. If you have a for-profit solution – already proven anywhere in the world – we are here to support you!

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