Social Media for Social Change

Social media has today evolved into a transformative force for society. Every individual is now connected to serveral others with the communities expanding as you read on. There is a whole new world of opportunities opening up with the increased awareness and engagement on the social web. But one of the biggest and by far the most expansive effects of the new media are subjects of social change.

In the recent times we have seen how natural calamities have attracted help globally and the role social media has played in uniting people, banishing boundaries and forging geographies. From Isha Foundations $100k win in the recent Chase Community Giving Contest to how twitter has been leveraged as a social change tool. Carrying the power of immediate connection and network growth, social networks are proving to be a boon for connecting the society and bring about effective relevant changes to the world around us.

Think about this: What if you be the real power behind effective change which needs to be in the society for everyone’s good?

With the power of the media in your hands and with open accessibility, we empower you now with ways that you can get involved and contribute your bit to burning causes which can make this world a better place to be!

Blogging: there are many blogs being run by NGO’s, For profits, Individuals which are platforms for discussions and connecting with the community which has a common objective and vision. These blogs are the best grounds for you to connect with like minded people and also share your views on the subject and create new opportunities for the world around! There is nothing to hesitate if you do not know how to blog, if you have a heart and mind to speak out with, connect with such blogs on the Internet and you can contribute your bit to them as guest authors, with help from the bloggers themselves.

Social Edge, one of the recognized blogs on social entrepreneurship supports Kiva which helps many an entrepreneur in need, with a vision towards alleviating poverty through connecting people who can lend, to people who need it the most.

Facebook: one of the fastest growing social networks globally, Facebook has many opportunities which you can build upon and create an aware and responsive community of like minded people, towards effecting positive change. The various opportunities which you can explore on facebook are:

  • Starting a fan page on facebook
  • Sending messages to your friends using facebook “compose message’ feature
  • Help donate to many charities which are working with the causes application with an astounding 25,295,423 monthly active users

The recent Haiti earthquake had the Chase Foundation do a global fundraising through a smartly built facebook application and a facebook fan page, which not only gave an indication of how much people needed, but it had people from all walks of life, simply engaging with the application with a humane feeling of contributing back to those in need.

Twitter: And if you are new to the entire concept of Social Media and want to keep things very simple, well, if you have sometime and can express yourself in 140 characters, twitter is the way to go. There are many ways you can get involved through twitter and create positive and long lasting and far reaching changes to the society.

  • Start following a social topic trending on twitter and by re-tweeting the related tweets help in spreading the word
  • Moreover, you can also hold such tweetups in your own locality by tying up with a local charity across

How Mashable’s global media partnership with twestivals for the charity: water campaign, got the twitter communities joining hands, which not only gave rise to the 20/20/20 mission, with people not only donating 20$ each but also making 20 more people they know on twitter know about the same.

So much for the opportunities available! We also want to take your attention to some burning issues which warrant your immediate attention and also how you can contribute to them. They would have far reaching effects towards making the world a better place.

Through the innovations for sustainability blog we take this opportunity to take your attention to the millions who do not have even access to electricity spread across many rural parts of India. Our Global Energy Challenge aims to reach out to such enterprising entrepreneurs who are working towards creating solutions for solving the energy situation for the bottom of the pyramid.  Join us at  facebooktwitter and be an opportunity!

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