Passionate About Social Entrepreneurship for the Bottom of the Economic Pyramid? Volunteer With ennovent

Social entrepreneurship is in. There are conferences, talks, events happening all across the world adding to the general public awareness and directing people where it matters the most!

There are many examples set by common people with a larger vision to create opportunities for people who really need them. The Bottom of the Economic Pyramid  is the urban and rural poor; in India it is a growth opportunity. What it needs is intelligent innovations which are sustainable and low-cost.

There are inpiring men and women who have in turn ignited the minds of many entrepreneurs who have chosen the path to making a larger impact, creating new possibilities for the society at large.

From Mr. Muhammad Yunus, founder of the Grameen Bank for micro-credits and Nobel Peace Price laureate to Jan Holzapfel, Tim Lehmann and Matti Spiecker – three ordinary Business students from Germany who travelled across the world and wrote an inspiring account by account in their book, of common men and women they met and how they are changing the world one small step at a time!

We at ennovent call upon you if YOU are passionate about social entrepreneurship and sustainable development at the Base of the Economic Pyramid. If you aim to empower others with new possibilities, this is your chance.

Spend a few hours a week helping us bring about effective change to the next billion in India, creating new opportunities for the children who cannot study due to no lights, for women who still cook with firewood stoves, for the farmer who cultivates his fields despite the lack of energy almost across all rural parts of India.

Interested? We are eager to talk to you!

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