The ennovent Global Energy Challenge – Looking for Sustainable Innovations for the BoP in India

Our mission is to promote entrepreneurs who advance innovations for sustainability at the base of the economic pyramid. Building on our broad expertise and leveraging our network, we discover, incubate, finance and scale innovations that catalyze fundamental change to sustainable development. Our social venture capital fund, the Sustainable Enterprises Fund, looks towards investing in innovations in energy, food, water, health and education for India’s poor.

About the ennovent Global Energy Challenge:

The majority of India’s poor population has no access to affordable, let alone clean energy. Help us find in India and around the world proven, for-profit solutions that can meet some of the critical energy needs of India’s poor.

How do you get involved?

There are opportunities galore for everyone involved. You can participate in the GEC as any stakeholder:

Connectors: Connect us to the company with an energy solution for India’s poor! ennovent will reward the winning connector  with USD 3,000 in cash.

Solvers: Share your solution no matter where it comes from! ennovent will invest up to USD 500,000 to launch or scale your enterprise in India!

Join the ennovent Network: ennovent will regularly post ‘Challenges’ and roll out new ways for you to participate. Join us to make a difference at the BoP in India

What do the winning innovations get?

  • Financial Investment
    • Our fund will invest up to USD 500,000 in your enterprise to incubate or scale your innovation in the India’s BoP market.
  • Business Development
    • Our staff and network of advisors will support your enterprise to launch or scale your innovation in India.
  • New Market
    • We assist your enterprise to transfer your innovation from another county and access the Indian BoP market
  • Public Visibility
    • Your enterprise will attract media attention and increase your chances to access additional funding and support

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