Peter Scheuch Shares his Passion for the Bottom Of The Pyramid and the ennovent Energy Challenge

Not only will atomic power be released, but someday we will harness the rise and fall of the tides and imprison the rays of the sun.

Thomas Edison
As said by Thomas Edison, we are today at crossroads where we are to take wise decisions, which will affect not only the present but will have far reaching effects into the future. With the increased focus on the environment and much visibility given to these issues at recent global meets, at ennovent we decided to contribute to sustainability at the BoP in emerging markets. Our mission is to promote for-profit entrepreneurs that advance disruptive innovations for sustainability valuable to people from low-income households living in poor areas of India.

I have worked for more than 10 years for international development and environmental organizations in developing countries and always wanted to increase the financial sustainability of my work.

Said Peter Scheuch, Founder and Managing Director, ennovent, as I asked him, about his passion for the BoP and what prompted him towards establishing ennovent – innovations for sustainability.

A true Visionary!

Upon asking Peter to share his passion for the “energy” domain in particular and why did ennovent launch the “Global Energy Challenge”, Peter answered in simple words which left a big impact: My experience of working with organizations, both local and international, made me travel across the globe. I saw children, who cannot study after dark, as there is no electricity. Women, who have to cook still using the age old and not as efficient methods of cooking, with no access to clean and reliable energy.

Peter says that this is what we at ennovent are working towards. We are out there to make a solid change. A change through sustainable means. A change which will leverage innovations for sustainability to create new opportunities of hope, growth and dreams for the Bottom of the Pyramid in India.

How has been your experience of finding sustainable business models in the energy domain affecting the BoP?

Its definitely not easy to find sustainable, for-profit businesses in this domain. There are many projects, but are these businesses viable from a financial, social and environmental perspective, is a catch. Sustainability for ennovent is not just a side effect, but the actual seed to rural development in India.

Lots of companies have good business cases, but not a good investors case. We need to find sustainable innovations which have both a social and financial viability and impact. It took us an year to find the first set of companies, and we are making strides now.We aim to not just support such enterprises with funds, but to mentor them to scale their impact.

Why the ennovent “Global Energy Challenge”?

Well, attracting the best of the talent and innovation across the board isn’t easy and we are looking to do just that. That is why we have initiated the ennovent Global Energy Challenge. It gives deserving entrepreneurs with disruptive innovations for the BoP in the energy domain a chance to get funded and get supported by the best of breed advisors working with ennovent!

Why India?

We see India as a canvas, to be painted with opportunities across. There is another billion waiting to be provided a whole new window of opportunity and we at ennovent are committed to contributing to the same!

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